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Rebuilt & Refurbished Equipment

• Complete equipment restoration
• Reverse engineering of parts
• Blast cleaning and texturing of molds
• Blasting, structural steel / fabricated parts
• Metallizing worn, incorrectly machined parts
• Coatings: aluminum, steel, bronze, copper, tin
• Anti-Corrosion: zinc, aluminum, zinc/aluminum

UNITED brings solutions. Often times, due to plant consolidation, budget, time frame or purchase of used equipment, we are contracted to essentially bring the equipment back to life. We are experienced in both extruder and TSR refurbishments. The process is also applicable to any production equipment. To manage lead times, we acquired ownership in Milestone Services, a valued subcontractor, to quickly assist in the repair and restoration of parts.

OPT-IN here. Updates and special offers sent monthly to quarterly. For inquiries and RFQs, please email unitednews@unitedfeedscrews.com or call 330.798.5532.