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Screws and Barrels

Extrusion, injection, and conveyance screws for a variety of applications servicing a multitude of polymer processing venues. United Feed Screws also supplies a complete line of hardened bore barrels used in the processing of a variety of extrudates.

Feed Screws

Depending on the severity of the polymer flow environment we have packages manufactured of the following base materials:

  • 4340 HT carbon steel with hardened alloy welded flight lands
  • CPM 10v high chromium tool steel
  • D-2 Tool Steel
  • Stainless 300/400 series
  • Nitralloy135m
  • Hastellov
  • Inconel

Alloys and coatings offered are as follows:

Alloy Application Rockwell Hardness
Colmonoy83 High Wear 52-56 RC
Colmonoy56 Med/High Wear 55-50 RC
Stellite1 Med Wear 48-50 RC
Stellite6 Med Wear 38-42 RC

Rebuilt Feed Screws

We expose a screw to a pre-inspection involving a variety of non destructive metallurgy tests to deem the screw fit to be rebuilt and we also carry a new screw guarantee.


We offer jacketed and non-jacketed barrels. All barrel bores are treated with one of the following wear resistant options:

Type Features Wear Ability Rating
Carbide Bimetallic Furnace Spun Extreme Wear
Standard Bimetallic Furnace Spun High Wear
CPM 9-v Heat Treated Extreme Wear
D-2 Tool Steel Heat Treated High Wear
Nitralloy 135 Ion Nitirded High Wear

It is very important that the different barrel types are supplied with a compatible screw package to optimize processing.

Reconditioned Barrels

Similar to feed screws, optimizing barrel life by re-sleeving process barrels is an important cost saving technique. In the case of a break down re-sleeving usually limits down time considerably as standard deliveries can be expedited to as little as 4-5 days.

Equipment List and Facilities

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