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A complete line of hardened bore barrels used in the processing
of a variety of extrudates

UNITED supplies a complete line of hardened bore barrels used in the processing of a variety of extrudates. As with screws, barrels are manufactured with numerous features unique to the desired product being produced. This includes jacketed and non-jacketed barrels, depending on the desired type of thermal control being used in the process. Whether injection molding, extrusion or expansion processing, all barrel bores are treated with one of the following wear resistant options:

Type Features Wearability Rating
Carbide Bimetallic Furnace spun extreme wear
Standard Bimetallic Furnace spun high wear
CPM 9-v Heat Treated extreme wear
D-2 tool steel Heat Treated high wear
Nitralloy 135 Ion Nitrided high wear

The different barrel types are very important to be supplied with a compatible screw package to optimize processing. Each has a benefit to specific processes with cost effectiveness and process wearability as the key components.

Reconditioned Barrels

Reconditioned barrels can optimize barrel life. The re-sleeving process is an important cost-saving technique. During the process, the barrel core is reused and the worn bore is machined to accept a new sleeve, using the correct hardened bores to suit the application. The barrel is brought back to new specifications and guaranteed. It is not cost-effective in all cases, but generally yields a 30% to 40% savings. In the case of breakdowns, resleeving usually limits downtime considerably. Most deliveries can be expedited within four to five days. 

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